What You Need to Know When Choosing A Protection Dog

Choosing a protection dog can be challenging and there is very little information online. In order to better educate the public, we offer the following valuable information.

Knowing the Difference between Defensive and Offensive Training.

Many companies offer animals with military or police training as executive personal protection dogs. Choosing one of these dogs may seem like a good idea, but former military or police dogs make poor protection dogs because of the differences between defensive and offensive training. Understanding this difference is important when choosing the best protection dog for your needs.

Animals with a military or police background are trained offensively to neutralize targets by attacking.
Such dogs often have a high prey instinct and will relentlessly chase a target until they catch it and disable it. Offensive training is useful for military and police dogs because their primary function is not to protect their handlers. It is not the correct training for protecting a family. Because of this, military and police dogs are not the best protection dogs for families.

Civilian training teaches the dog defensive skills.
A family protection dog reacts by providing a powerful deterrent to direct threats. If a threatening person attempts to invade your personal space, a properly trained executive protection dog will react to defend by showing aggression and then using force, if necessary. Once the threat backs away, your dog will not pursue unless commanded to do so. It will stay by your side, focused on defending you. The key to defensive training is to impede a threat so you can get to safety or call for help.

Defensive training is the cornerstone of our training program. Your dog will obey only you and no attacker can take control of your dog. Our executive protection dogs will not act unless you issue a command or there is a direct threat. When given a stop command, they will immediately return to your side. When a threat is present they will defend you with their lives.

A Warning about Sport Dogs.

You have probably seen videos of dogs engaging in Schutzhund, IPO, and French Ring dog sports. A sport canine will impressively attack and subdue a “human” in a padded suit or sleeve. While these sport dogs may appear to be adequately suited to serve as protection dogs, this is not the case.

It is a common sales tactic to promote dogs with sporting titles as protection dogs, but sports training alone does not adequately prepare a dog to protect against real danger. The dog is playing a game and only reacting to the equipment used in the sport. The performance may be spectacular, but it is only a show. Without the padded sleeve, the dog will not know what it is supposed to do. Faced with a real-life threat, a sport dog will not be able to protect its owner.

Sports training at a young age will usually disqualify a dog from being a protection dog.
This is because all dogs are deeply imprinted by their first training protocols. When a dog is stressed or in a critical situation, it will revert back to its earliest training. Even when a dog has been cross-trained in protection, its prior sport training is usually so deeply imprinted that it will conflict with family protection training protocols.

At Pinnacle Protection Dogs, we never attempt to pass off sport dogs as protection dogs. All of our animals are trained in family protection from a young age.

Avoid the Europe Game.

Many protection dog companies claim that they only offer animals bred in Europe. This could be a sales ploy to cover up a lack of training. Simply being born in Europe does not make for a good guard dog.

While some executive protection dog companies bring in animals as quickly as possible and sell them as “European protection dogs” with little or no training, Pinnacle Protection dogs are highly trained. It’s true that our dogs are European bred from the best bloodlines, but the training received from our experts is what sets our dogs apart. Choosing the right executive protection dog is one of the most important decisions you will make for the safety of you and your family. Many companies claim to offer protection dogs, but not all protection training is equal. At Pinnacle Protection Dogs, we don’t teach circus tricks; we train dogs to defend you and your family in real-world situations.

The Best Protection Dogs are Family Dogs.

In order to provide the highest level of security, an executive protection dog needs to feel like a part of your family. This is why we exclusively train our dogs for civilian protection. During training, our dogs live inside and become acclimated to being with people and children. Living in a home environment provides the foundation of their role as defender of the family.

From our Family to Yours.

At Pinnacle, we know that you have plenty of choices when selecting a family protection dog. Because we take the safety of your family very seriously, we believe in quality over quantity. This is not a puppy mill. We are a family business and we focus on giving a select number of dogs superior training. Whether you’re concerned about guarding your property or finding the best protection dog for kids, you’ll find what you need at Pinnacle.

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