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Strong security. Loyal companionship.

What to consider when choosing a family protection dog.

Welcome to Pinnacle Protection Dogs. We are excited that you are interested in learning more about the increased safety and peace of mind that comes from owning a trained executive protection dog. We take pride in providing the very best family protection dogs in North America.

Choosing the right executive protection dog is one of the most important decisions you will make for the safety of you and your family. Many companies claim to offer protection dogs, but not all protection training is equal. At Pinnacle Protection Dogs, we don’t teach circus tricks; we train dogs to defend you and your family in real world situations.

The Best Personal Protection Dogs are Family Dogs.

In order to provide the highest level of security, an personal protection dog needs to feel like a part of your family. This is why we exclusively train our dogs for civilian protection. During training, our dogs live inside and become acclimated to being with people and children. Living in a home environment provides the foundation of their role as defender of the family.

From our Family to Yours.

At Pinnacle, we know that you have plenty of choices when selecting a family protection dog. Because we take the safety of your family very seriously, we believe in quality over quantity. This is not a puppy mill. We are a family business and we focus on giving a select number of dogs superior training. Whether you’re concerned about guarding your property or finding the best protection dog for kids, you’ll find what you need at Pinnacle.

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