Why protection dogs should be eating eggs…

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There are lots of misconceptions about feeding protection dogs eggs. Many critics of feeding protection dogs eggs will claim they are too high in cholesterol, cause biotin deficiency, and can give your dog salmonella. These claims are simply false! Eggs are one of the most complete nutritious meals you can feed your family protection dog. Eggs are by far one of the most complete protein sources nature has given us. Feeding your protection dog eggs will ensure they are getting plenty of the essential vitamins and minerals to keep a working dog strong and healthy. Many opponents of feeding protection dogs eggs will claim they are enzyme inhibitors. This is partially true if only eggs are the mainstay of your protection dogs diet. if you don’t see any signs of your protection dogs stomach being upset, you could safely feed them several eggs per week. If you still have concerns about feeding your protection dog eggs then cooking them will take care of any risk of enzyme inhibition. Another common myth is that eggs will put your protection dog at risk for salmonella. Dogs’ stomachs are extremely well suited for handling raw foods. The best way to feed eggs to your protection dog is raw with the shells included. The shells can also be valuable to protection dogs that have a hard time digesting bones.

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