Warning! Do NOT Give Your Dog FortiFlora (The Research Will Shock You)

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Recently, there has been much ado about probiotics for humans and pets. It’s important to have a clear understanding of probiotics, their function, and which probiotics on the market perform as they should. It is no secret that advertisers are wily with their use of words and can lure the unsuspecting consumer in with cleverly turned phrases and allusions. For example, FortiFlora claims to be a highly recommended probiotic in the world of veterinary medicine. In fact, it may very well be highly recommended. As a consumer and pet owner, however, you should think twice before turning to FortiFlora to boost the digestive health of your personal protection dogs. A closer look at FortiFlora’s claims and the realities that are hidden by them will allow you to make an informed decision.

A Crash Course in Probiotics

All animals, both two-legged and four, have good and bad bacteria in their digestive tract. It is important to maintain a high number of good bacteria because they are what will fight off the bad bacteria responsible for a variety of digestive problems, like uncomfortable bloating, stomach upset, and even IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). A first-rate probiotic contains live bacteria (the good kind) and helps feed the already existing good bacteria. The more good bacteria is present, the better equipped your protection dog’s gut is to fight intestinal discomfort and illness. It is important that personal protection dogs maintain optimum health.
It is also important to know that your dog’s digestive tract contains many different types of bacteria, with the stomach housing very few and different sections of the small intestine housing as many as four and even six different bacteria. Altogether, hundreds of bacteria strains exist. This simply cannot be a one size fits all scenario. Common sense dictates that an effective probiotic has a range of good bacteria to address the varied needs of a protection dog’s entire gastrointestinal tract. The CFU count or Colony Forming Unit Count reveals how many live bacteria cells are in a gram of a sampled product. The higher this count, the more effective the probiotic. FortiFlora does have a CFU count in the millions, and that may seem impressive. There are, however, other more effective probiotics available with a CFU count in the billions.

Natural Probiotics

Natural probiotics that have not undergone chemical treatment are the best choice for your protection dog. Some naturally found probiotics are in:
• Goat’s milk: Raw, this milk is easier to digest and contains many probiotics in their natural form.
• Tripe: The lining of select cloven-hoofed and cud-chewing animals, when raw, has many enzymes and bacteria that aid digestion.
• Kefir: Fermented Kefir, from a variety of milk, provides much-needed protein and bacteria.
• Vegetables: Vegetables that have been fermented contribute to the bacteria count in the intestine, as well as act as a prebiotic, which encourages the growth of existing bacteria.

Only Half the Battle

Knowing the positive traits to look for in a probiotic is essential to providing your protection dog with what he needs, but it is not enough. It is also important to look at traits to be avoided in commercial probiotics, traits that could even be harmful.

The Harsh Reality that is FortiFlora

If you are looking for personal protection dogs for sale, there are many criteria to consider, but none of more importance than starting with and maintaining good health.

Numbers Don’t Lie

In spite of the fact that a higher CPU is best, FortiFlora has a fraction of the count of high-quality probiotics, with a deficit that numbers in the billions. This means that after a natural loss of bacteria to digestion, FortiFlora will have very few left to perform an adequate job.


Animal Digest, a top ingredient in FortiFlora, adds flavor through a processed animal protein that has been chemically altered. Unfortunately, the process, known as hydrolyzing, can reduce or eliminate the nutrients found in the original protein.
Of the thirteen ingredients in FortiFlora, nine are synthetic vitamins or minerals. These synthetic ingredients are not utilized by the body as readily as those in natural form. What’s more, they can actually interfere with nutrient absorption. Some of the listed ingredients, like synthetic antioxidants, can possibly inhibit the activity of other antioxidants, which have been proven to contribute to a healthier existence.

Unsafe Farming Practices

The processing of some of FortiFlora’s ingredients most likely involves a genetically modified soy known as Monsanto, which accounts for ninety percent of soy grown in the United States. Hydrolyzed soy particles make dog food easier to digest. Most of the soy is sprayed with glyphosate while growing, to kill weeds. Supplements from soy sprayed with this will still have traces of the chemical after processed. These traces of glyphosate can harm the good bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract while leaving some of the more harmful bacteria alone.

The Safety of USDA?

If a dog food claims its meat comes only from USDA- approved facilities, odds are they are telling the truth. This does not mean it’s time to rest easy. A facility approved by the USDA can include fast food and regular restaurants, grocery stores and butchers, even animal shelters. What’s more, an inspected facility does not mean that the meat from that facility has been inspected, also. The source of some of these facilities includes dead, dying, and diseased animals, as well as animals that have been euthanized. If that doesn’t cause enough worries, these meats have to be disinfected with toxic materials, known to be harmful.

Your pet brings so many rewards to your life. When you first start looking for personal protection dogs for sale, plan on a future that involves taking a more natural approach and avoid FortiFlora and other commercially produced probiotics. Remember the misleading claims of many manufacturers. Also, keep a higher CPU count in mind, avoid fillers, and consider a prebiotic for optimum health. Make a small investment of time and effort for a huge return of joy and peace of mind.

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