The Turkish mastiff protection dog

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The Turkish mastiff protection dog was originally used as a dog of war over 2500 years ago. These large powerful protection dogs are one of the oldest breeds today. The Turkish mastiff protection dog has a 3500-year-old history in Anatolia. The Sumerians brought them to the Mesopotamian basin. These protection dogs were originally bred to fight alongside the Assyrian army. Today the Turkish mastiff protection dog is primarily used as a flock guardian as well as a family protection dog. This protection dog is similar to the better known Turkish Kangal but much larger and more powerful. These large powerful protection dogs have made their way around the world with dogs being imported to Germany, the U.K., the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Romania, and Russia and have recently been in high demand in China, Brazil, Argentina, and across Africa. This breed is an extremely large and powerful protection dog breed. Males can stand from 25-37 inches tall and range in weight from 180-260 pounds. Turkish mastiffs are a very independent and territorial protection dog. While in most cases very laid back and calm with its owners, Turkish mastiff naturally posses many protection dog traits such as being aloof with strangers and showing a great deal of defensiveness of their pack.

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