The Turkish Kangal Protection Dog

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The Turkish Kangal is a large, powerful, protection dog with an ancient lineage. The Kangal dog is tall, heavyset, with loose dense skin which helps protect it from the elements. The coats are generally light tan with the muzzles always black. The Turkish Kangal is a ferocious protection dog that was mainly bred as a flock guardian defending against man or beast. Alert, on guard, and responsive, the Turkish Kangal can be a very effective family protection dog, but only in qualified hands. Kangal dogs are extremely affectionate and loyal to the immediate family but caution must be taken when considering allowing the protection dog to interact with outsiders. Kangal dogs are very large, powerful, athletic protection dogs that benefit greatly in a home where they have the ability to roam free and run. A family with land and not a lot of traffic from those outside the family is ideal. Kangals take their guard work very seriously so potential owners must be able to control and secure an animal of this size, power, and temperament.

The Turkish kangal protection dog originated in central Turkey. The ancient breed is believed to have originated from mastiff type dogs that existed in the Assyrian empire around 600bc. The kangal protection dog is still very popular in Turkey and considered a national treasure.

While Pinnacle Protection Dogs has a great appreciation for these gorgeous powerful flock guardians, we also feel for most homes and family dynamics potential owners have much safer practical options. The Turkish Kangal protection dog is an animal the was bred to make decisions on its own. Coupling this with the animals’ tremendous size and power it’s easy to see why they might not be the best option for families new to owning protection dogs.

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