The Olde English Bulldogge Protection Dog

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The Olde English Bulldog protection dog ( not to be confused with the commonly known English Bulldog) is a recreation of a type of bulldog that originated in England between 1600-1800. These protection dogs were originally bred for the now illegal sport of bull-baiting. Contrary to the commonly know AKC bulldog, the original bulldogs of England were very functional athletic protection dogs. Having these physical, functional traits was vital to allow the stamina and endurance to compete in such blood sports. Unlike the common AKC bulldogs of today, these protection dogs were extremely capable animals. In the mid-1800s the sport of bull-baiting was made `illegal which resulted in the bulldogs’ physical traits and temperament diminishing drastically. Unfortunately, this has resulted in the modern bulldog which is riddled with health problems and lacking the temperament and physical traits necessary for protection dog work. The extreme short muzzle and short stature which is now bred for is responsible for many of the health and physical limitations of the modern English bulldog we see today. While the AKC bulldog is being primarily bred for looks desired by show fanciers, the Olde English Bulldogge protection dog is bred for health, function, and working dog temperament. The breeders who have recreated these powerful tenacious protection dogs have been very successful in bringing them back to their original form and temperament. Some of the breeds used as a foundation to recreate this protection dog are the English bulldog, American pit bull terrier, mastiff, and American bulldog. Now, with the blood sport of bull-baiting being illegal, breeders have tested and performed successfully in modern sporting venues such as weight pull, hog catching, agility, and protection dog work. While the founders of the Oldee English Bulldogge have been successfully bringing the bulldogs back to form, the quick rise in popularity has led these protection dogs back down the path of poor breeding which focuses on looks rather than workability. While there are many Olde English Bulldogge protection dogs being poorly bred there are still a handful of breeders keeping these animals true to form. With proper training, these dogs can make loving family members and very capable protection dogs. The Oldee English Bulldogge protection dog ranges between 60-80 pounds and 16-20 inches in height.

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