The Komondor as a protection dog.

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The Komondor is a protection dog breed that originates from Hungary. At first the Komondor protection dog was developed to protect its flock of sheep. This unique, fearless protection dog was an effective deterant against large predators such as wolves and sometimes bear. Prior to 1920 the Komondor protection dog was strictly a working breed. It wasn’t until 1921 that a breed standerd was created by DR. Rajsits Emil. The first Komondor club was created in 1924. Around the 1930’s the first Komondor protection dogs began showing up in the United States. At this time coyotes were a serious problem for American farmers. The Komondor protection dog immediately excelled at helping farmers keep the coyotes at bay. This intelligent guard dog has a very thick coat which help protect the dog while battling predators. If necessary , the Komondor protection dog can protect its flock and live with it without the help of a human being. Today the Komondor isn’t used as often as flock guardians. Most of the modern Komondors of today are used for the show ring or as family protection dogs. A male Komondor can stand up to 27.5 inches and weigh over a 100 pounds giving it the size and power to make an effective family protection dog. This large protection dog has a long, thick, and strikingly corded white coat which resemble dreadlocks or a mop. The Komondor protection dog is affectionate with the family and kids although wary of strangers. The are not tolerant of trespassing animals or humans. Like many protection breeds that have been used in the show ring, potential owners must be very careful when looking for a Komondor that will make a suitable protection dog. Many of the dogs coming from lines heavily influenced by the show ring will not have the suitable tempermant for protection dog work. While they are rare and difficult to track down , there still are a few breeders out there keeping these unique family protection dogs true to form.

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