The importance of exercising your Protection Dog.

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Exercise is important for all dogs but especially protection dogs. A protection dog that does not get enough exercise doesn’t only run the risk of health problems such as obesity and arthritis, but they can develop behavioral issues as well. Protection dogs are extremely intelligent animals. Lack of exercise and mental stimulation can cause your protection dog to develop behavioral issues such as boredom, anxiety, or being destructive. To ensure your protection dog is living its best life, it should be getting some form of exercise on a daily basis. Daily walks are a great way to not only exercising your protection dog but also stimulate its mind in new unfamiliar surroundings. Eventually, as your protection dogs’ fitness improves, you can jog with them or even have them run next to you on a bike. Swimming is also a great way to give your protection dog a low-impact, mind-stimulating workout. What also needs to be considered is breaking the routine. If daily runs on the bike work for you and your protection dog, change up your route. New surroundings, sights, and smells are a great way to not only work on your protection dog’s fitness but keep its mind stimulated. For those that live in harsh climates, teaching your protection dog to run on a treadmill is a great way to continue workouts during hot summers or cold winters. Just be sure to get them outside for that mental stimulation if the weather permits. Another fun way to keep your protection dog fit while simultaneously stimulating their mind is by mixing in obedience with a game of fetch or tug. After throwing the ball a few times, have your protection dog sit or down prior to rewarding them with a throw. For more advanced protection dogs, you can even have them snap into a heel for a few paces followed by a reward of throwing them the ball. Remember, consistency is key. Protection dogs are extremely loyal and will literally give their life for you. They deserve the best and should be allowed to express themselves through physical and mental workouts on a regular basis. When spending extra time to perform these activities with your protection dog the family bond only gets stronger and stronger. Remember consistency is key. Regular workouts and activities with your protection dog will ensure them a healthy, happy, mind-stimulating life for years to come.

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