The history of the Tibetan mastiff protection dog.

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The history of the Tibetan mastiff protection dog is filled with mystery and allure. These extremely large and powerful protection dogs were bred specifically for guard work and to have a very intense and intimidating presence. The Tibetan mastiff protection dog is instinctually possessive and defensive by nature. There are two different types of Tibetan mastiff protection dogs. these types are referred to as Do-khyi which refers to the smaller more common protection dog and Tsang-khyi for the larger more thickly boned type. A truly prehistoric protection dog, the exact genealogy of the breed is unknown. While the majority of breeds in china made the split from wolves around 42,000 years ago, the Tibetan mastiff protection dog made the split much earlier, around 58,000 years ago making it one of the oldest protection dog breeds. Bones and skulls have been found dating to the stone and bronze ages, showing that these unique protection dogs had been present in early prehistoric civilization. The large mastiff would often accompany the armies of the ancient worlds such as Persia, Assyria, Greece, and Rome. It is a legend that each group of Genghis Khan’s army used Tibetans as protection dogs alongside soldiers who would stand guard to prevent passings of unauthorized persons. The Tibetan mastiff protection dog made its first appearance in the United States during the 1950s. The Dalai Lama sent them as gifts to president Eisenhower. While still being bred for protection dog work by the nomadic people of Chang- tang, pure-bred Tibetans are very hard to come by in most parts of their native land. The modern Tibetan mastiff protection dog is considered a rare breed, with only 300 estimated to be living in England. In China, the Tibetan protection dog is prized for its history. Thought to be one of the oldest breeds in history today, it is believed they bring good fortune to their owners. In 2009 a Tibetan mastiff protection dog was sold to a woman in china for 600,000.00 making it the most expensive protection dog purchased up to that time. In 2011 one was sold at close to 3 times this amount! The weight for a Tibetan mastiff protection dog is 140-180 pounds. Males can stand as tall as 26 inches.

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