The history of the South African Boarboel

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The history of the Boerboel protection dog can be traced back to ancient times. Two Assyrian Kings were recorded as using large protection dogs to hunt lions and wild horses. There is evidence that one of these kings had given Alexander the great one of these protection dogs as a gift. He was very impressed with the breed’s size and power but was disappointed when this protection dog failed to hunt boar and deer. The gifted protection dog was eventually put down. The Assyrian King quickly replace the dog and gave specific instructions to hunt lions and elephants! Fortunately for this particular protection dog, after being challenged against the larger game, Alexander was very impressed. The modern Boarboel protection dog is mainly used to protect the homestead. These are working farm dogs that have very strong protection dog instincts. Some physical characteristics of this protection dog are the height of 24-28 inches, colors are fawns, reds, browns, brindle, piebald and Irish markings. These powerful protection dogs can range in weight from 120 to 154 pounds. Despite the fact that this impressive protection dog has been bred for a very long time, the number of breeds and the type of breeds used to create the Boarboel remains unknown.

It is believed that the Boarboel protection dog was created by crossing the native African landrace with breeds Brought to South Africa by the British, dutch, and French settlers. The best boar dogs were usually found close to the military. In 1928 the diamond mining company imported bullmastiffs to watch over the mines. It is believed that these were cross bred with the South African boarboel protection dog. Today the South African boarboel protection dog has been exported from South Africa to places all over the world. You can still find a boarboel with good, strong, protection dog instincts, but it isn’t always easy. Like many working breeds , the dogs actual workability has taken a back seat to breeders who’s primary focus is the show ring. As a result there are very few breeders left that are focused on breeding these gorgeous dogs for their original protection dog purpose.

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