How To Tell If Your Dog Is Getting Enough Sunlight

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The sun is incredibly important for the earth. Daylight hours have caused every living thing to spend time in the sunlight to evolve over the course of millions of years. This has evolved into a close partnership with our sun. The natural patterns of sunlight both ourselves and our protection dogs are exposed to control the most important and deepest biorhythms of our bodies. The mammals active during daylight hours are very sensitive regarding the sun and remain healthy because of the raw sunlight.

Raw sunlight contains a natural light spectrum from IR, or infrared to UV, or ultra-violet. When sunlight is filtered through glass, it absorbs the UV light. This means the light can no longer reach the eyes and skin of your dog, and both are extremely photosensitive. The two types of UV light are UVA and UVB, and their wavelengths differ slightly. There is no UVA light when the sun rises, it becomes stronger by the mid-morning and during the late afternoon. UVB is strongest during mid-afternoon.

Personal protection dogs require exposure to sunlight during the early morning light, towards the middle of the day, and near sunset. All small mammals including dogs evolved while living outside because they were exposed to the sun during the day. They need sunlight and specific exposure to when the raw sunlight changes to remain healthy.

Numerous metabolic pathways are triggered when sunlight lands on the eyes and skin of your protection dog. The sunlight during the morning has a critical impact on the retina at the back of the eye and the skin. This controls the circadian rhythm of personal protection dogs. The eyes contain light-sensitive cells, and they act using the brain. This regulates the circadian rhythm using the hormonal pathways. The most important hormone in the regulation of a healthy circadian rhythm is melatonin. The red darkness and light in the evening and late afternoon increase your protection dog’s level of melatonin. This causes the dog to become sleepy, and ready to go to bed.

The maintenance of a healthy circadian rhythm is crucial for the good health of your dog and controls the brainwave activity patterns, cell regeneration and hormone production, and numerous biochemical and biological activities during the cycle of day and night. If the circadian rhythm is disrupted, chronic diseases can result over time. The rhythm can be disrupted by artificial light and is very sensitive. Personal protection dogs for sale require the consistency of this light.

The early morning light is green, blue, and red with no UV light. This pattern jump-starts the metabolism of your dog. The dog wakes up and begins its day. The blue light levels are high to decrease the levels of melatonin. The sun is shining through much less of the atmosphere during mid-day. This is when we receive exposure to the entire spectrum, beginning with IR, ending with UV, and with high levels of UVB. The spectrum of light shifts in the evening to IR and red, with no presence of blue light. The spectrum of light shifts in the evening as the sun goes to IR and red, with no trace of blue light.

Every mammal is extremely photosensitive including the lack or presence of light and the colors of the spectrum reaching the eyes and skin. The deepest levels of our biochemistry and physiology are affected by light. This is not well understood in general medicine.

Understanding dogs must be exposed to the entire daily cycle of different wavelengths and changing proportions of light provided naturally by the sun is important because it keeps dogs healthy. Exposure to the sun daily is how dogs have evolved, and it has taken millions of years. Artificial lighting did not become common until recent human history. Personal protection dogs for sale require the natural spectrum of light to remain healthy.

The spectrum of artificial light is different than raw or natural sunlight, and can adversely impact health. Artificial lighting contains a high proportion of blue light. This light remains the same and does not change like the sun’s spectrum of light during the day. This blue light has no IR or UV because it is LED, and fluorescent lighting is just as bad. Melatonin is suppressed eighty percent by both fluorescents and LED lighting, and forty percent by incandescent bulbs. Melatonin is only suppressed two percent by a candle.

Your protection dog needs as much exposure to raw sunlight as possible, and their exposure to artificial light needs to be minimized or prevented. This is the most important late in the afternoon and near sunset. This is when your dog’s circadian cycle is waiting for the signals received from the high levels of IR ad red light. This is how critical melatonin is increased. The blue light actually destroys the melatonin and upsets the health of the circadian rhythm.

Strong blue light also comes from televisions with flat screens, and devices powered by LED including computers, tablets, and smartphones. These should be avoided, or blue blocker glasses are worn. You must remain healthy to take care of your dogs.

There are specific steps you can take to ensure your dog’s get the healthy light they require during their lives. You should avoid using devices and screens, especially after the sun has set for at least a few hours before you go to bed. This includes letting your protection dog in the room while you watch television.

After sunset, you should use dim red lighting because this does the least damage to melatonin. Replace your incandescent bulbs with a red, orange, or yellow filter for lighting at night. Make certain your protection dog is exposed to raw sunlight during the most important times of the day. This includes early in the morning, the middle of the day, later in the afternoon, and near sunset. During the morning this is approximately thirty to sixty minutes and an additional fifteen to thirty minutes towards midday. If the sun is intense, cut the time down. This must be calibrated according to your environment.

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