Senior Protection Dogs and arthritis.

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As our beloved family protection dogs begin to age they can develop arthritis. Studies have shown that canine arthritis can affect as many as one out of five dogs. Arthritis is an inflammation of joints causing stiffness and pain as our protection dogs age. The two most common types of arthritis in protection dogs are rheumatoid which is an autoimmune disease and osteoarthritis (oa) which occurs as our protection dogs age. OA occurs when the cartilage between your protection dogs bones begins to thin causing excessive joint fluid. With the thinning of this cartilage, you may notice your protection dog beginning to having a difficult time running, jumping, going up stairs, etc. While there is no cure for OA in protection dogs there are many healthy, natural ways in which we can help them to relieve or prevent this stiffening of joints. Detoxification is one of the first steps to take if you notice your protection dog developing the above symptoms of OA. To began an effective detox for your protection dog start with the elimination of all processed food. Switch your protection dog to a homemade quality raw feeding program. The Pinnacle Protection Dogs blog page has several articles written about how to properly get your dog started with a raw food diet. Another detoxification method for your protection dog is to cleanse the liver. The liver is the most important organ involved with detoxifying your protection dog. We recommend a liver detox about every six months or so. Milk thistle is a terrific supplement for your protection dogs liver detoxification. Keeping your protection dogs gut healthy is also another important step in detoxification. You can keep your protection dogs gut healthy by giving them probiotics. Probiotics will add good bacteria which in turn will reduce inflammation in your protection dog. In terms of pain management, there are several natural supplements that can help relieve your senior protection dogs pain. Vitamin C, E, and sodium oxide are great for helping ease your family protection dogs pain from OA.

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