Protection Dogs and grain free dog foods.

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DCM and its connection to grain free dog foods have been a concern amongst many protection dog owners. The FDA has shown recently that of the dogs who have developed DCM 91 percent of them had been being fed grain-free dog food. It’s no wonder so many of our clients have had concerns about feeding their protection dogs grain free dog food. As it turns out around 93 percent of all grain-free foods being fed to protection dogs contain peas and lentils. Unlike grain, peas and lentils contain protein. As a result, grain-free dog foods have been able to remove high-quality protein and replace it with a cheaper alternative in the form of low-quality, cheap plant protein. This should raise concern for protection dog owners who only want the best for their animal’s health. Plant proteins are deficient in taurine which is vital for your protection of dogs’ health. It is not entirely accurate to say that grain-free foods are the cause of DCM in protection dogs. This would lead protection dog owners to believe that grain-filled dog foods are a better option. We all know the multitude of problems grain-filled dog foods can have on protection dogs. The real problem for protection dogs is the replacement of high-quality animal proteins with lower quality plant proteins. So how can we ensure that our protection dogs are getting the high-quality taurine-rich proteins they need to thrive and stay healthy? The first would be to search for grain-free dog foods that do not contain peas or lentils. The second would be to feed your protection dog a large amount of animal protein. Poultry, heart, liver are all terrific sources of taurine for your family protection dog. Beef is a healthy source of protein for protection dogs but it doesn’t contain the highest amounts of taurine. If you are feeding your protection dog a beef-based diet be sure to add some organ meat that is abundant in taurine. As far as commercial dry kibble goes, avoid feeding your protection dog anything that claims it has added amino acids. This is usually a sign the food does not contain nearly enough meat-based protein. Always be cautious of feeding foods that contain lentils, peas, or potatoes. In any case, these foods will be much higher in plant-based protein. Its best to feed your protection dog a meat-based diet that is rich in vital taurine.

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