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How to Housebreak your Puppy Protection Dog

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The process of housebreaking a new puppy often leaves anxious new owners trembling in their shoes, but it does not have to be this way. You have nature working on your side, so with a little work, you will be successful very quickly.

Puppies Are Naturally Housebroken

Puppies eat and defecate within minutes of being born right next to the mother’s family protection dog. Therefore, you have nature working on your side. Yet, if you were allowed close enough to watch the process, you would never smell a thing because the momma instantly cleans the pup. This simple act of nature starts the process of imprinting on the pup’s mind that it should not defecate in its den.

As the pup begins to mature, it naturally follows its mother outside. Further imprinting on the pup’s mind that this is the correct place to take care of nature’s call.

If you visit a good breeder who has several personal protection dogs for sale, you will never smell defecation in the den area. While breeders would like to claim credit for their superior cleaning, the truth of the matter is it is the way that nature made it.

The result is that your pup comes preprogrammed to take care of its needs away from the den which is its training crate. Therefore, the new owner’s job is simply to reinforce what nature started.

It’s a Natural Thing

Puppies older than four months are naturally trained to not defecate in their homes, so crate training is quite easy. Therefore, you can relax and stop fretting. Puppies pick up on your instincts, so stay as calm as possible throughout the entire process.

Create an Eating Schedule

Nature works with new owners of young personal protection dogs in another important way. Since the puppy is little when you answered the personal protection dogs for sale ad and brought the puppy home, its digestive tract is quite efficient. Within 30 minutes of eating the puppy needs to defecate. Therefore, setting an eating schedule helps the puppy maintain what nature is teaching it.

By the time that the puppy is four months old, it needs to eat four times a day. Many people find it helpful to set a timer on their phones to remind them of feeding time. Immediately after feeding, take the dog outside.

If you spend time watching personal protection dogs that are free to roam inside a protected area, then you will notice that each dog returns to the same area to defecate. It relies on its sense of smell to return to that spot because it feels safe there. Therefore, find a spot where your pup can feel safe and take it there each time.

Your Behavior

Since the pup is following its natural urges, there is no need to tell it to “go potty.” In fact, the best thing that you can do is to be absolutely quiet. Avoid talking or shaking any type of toy, as the puppy will just see these as distractions. Instead, simply wait for nature to run its course.

While you may be tempted to try some behaviors to encourage the puppy to go faster, these actually slow down the process. So, just stand there quietly while watching the puppy.

Praise the Puppy

Once the puppy has completed its job, then calmly praise the pup. Loud celebrations may scare it, but a little treat or a pat lets the dog know that it did a great job. If using food threats, realize that you may be sabotaging the process because the pup may need to come right back outside.

Routine is Key

When new puppy owners call owners of personal protection dogs to express frustration about the housebreaking process, the problem is usually that the new owner has not established a routine. Letting the puppy guess when you will let it defecate, leaves you both frustrated.

The puppy needs to go outside first thing in the morning. This needs to occur at the same time every day. Therefore, until you get the puppy housebroken it is important that you get up at the same time each day.

Positive Rewards

If the family protection dog puppy has an accident, then simply clean it up. There is no need to scold. If you can catch the puppy in the act, then take it to the area outside as quickly and calmly as possible. While you are cleaning the mess, consider your routine ensuring that it is perfect. Way too many owners are tempted to punish the puppy when they really need to punish themselves.

The housebreaking experience should not make you wish that you had not answered the personal protection dogs for sale ad. The key is to concentrate on establishing a routine. Remain positive throughout the experience as it will only last a few weeks. Then, you will have the family protection dog that your family desperately needs. After housebreaking is through your new puppy will bring your family great happiness.

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