Homemade Dog Food Vs. Store-Bought

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Raw dog food has many benefits. No matter where you go if you run into people who advocate raw dog food, then you will learn how raw dog food is much better than the dry dog food that many people feed their pets. Whenever you make that choice to feed your dog raw dog food, there will be only one choice to make. This choice will be deciding if you should make your own raw dog food or buy it already made from a pet store.

Homemade Raw Food

Making your own dog food has many advantages. First, it allows you to control what goes into your dog’s mouth. This is especially important if you own personal protection dogs or have personal protection dogs for sale. If your dog is allergic to certain ingredients, then making your own raw dog food is an excellent choice. Additionally, you can often save lots of money when making your own dog food as compared to buying pre-made raw dog food.

More than Meat

When making your own dog food, you are doing more than just adding chicken or beef to each meal. Although this meat is healthy, there are many more nutrients that your protection dog will need. There is nothing wrong with spoiling your dog with a steak or chicken breast, but you must be sure to add other ingredients. With personal protection dogs, it is important to keep them as healthy and active as possible. These ingredients may include bones, fruits and vegetables, and other fatty acids. By adding these, you are ensuring that your pet is getting all the nutrients that it needs.

Recipe for Success

When you begin making your own raw dog food, it will be beneficial to follow a certain process. Once you get the hang of it, you can deviate from that process at times. Julie Ann Lee, who is a known homeopath, recommends that you keep your meals simple. This means at least half of the raw dog food meal should contain 50% muscle meat.

Variety and Quality

If you enjoy serving your dog chicken, you should not feed it chicken every day. By changing up the meat, you will increase your protection dog’s chance of getting all the nutrients that it needs. Although some foods are very cheap, you should make sure that any food that you feed your dog is high quality.

Special Needs

Some dogs have special needs, and if your dog has special needs, then customizing your raw dog food is really beneficial. For example, if your dog has thyroid or metabolism issues, you can add dried seaweed to the food. There are many other foods that help heal sensitive areas.

Raw dog food that you make allows your dog to always have fresh food. If you are busy, you can make several meals ahead of time and freeze those meals until your protection dog is ready to eat them. If you have personal protection dogs for sale, you can teach them, new owners, how to feed his or her dog.

Many people wonder if the homemade option is right for them. They often wonder if their dog is getting the right amount of nutrients. If this is the case, you can opt for pre-made raw dog food. Pre-made raw dog food will have the correct amount of ingredients for your particular pet. These meals are frozen, and all you will need to do is thaw the meal and serve it to your pet.

Food Sensitivities

If your dog has food sensitivities, it is important to do some research. You will want to know exactly what types of ingredients are in the food. Once you look at the ingredient list, you will know whether or not there are things that your pooch can or cannot eat. There are so many options available in-store purchased raw dog food; any diet restriction that your dog is on can be accommodated.

Avoiding Synthetic Ingredients

If there are any synthetic ingredients in the food, then you will want to avoid these. You can usually look at the bottom of the ingredient list to determine if there are synthetic ingredients. Some examples of synthetic ingredients include sulfate and hydrochloride. These ingredients contain lots of chemicals and are not as nutritional as other ingredients.

The other concern about synthetic is that they are not American-made. Therefore, you will never know from which country these ingredients are coming.


Another concern about in-store purchases is HPP or High-Pressure Pasteurization. The purpose of HPP is to destroy bacteria, but because of the elements that the food is exposed to, then the food can be negatively impacted.

Because of the way HPP is integrated, there is a possibility that chemicals can seep into the packaging, and this can compromise your dog’s immune system.


One of the main concerns about in-store purchases of raw dog food is the cost. Because the ingredients are already there, then the price will be more expensive. However, there are many people who believe this cost to be worth it.


Although the manufacturer can have the cleanest facilities, no one knows what happens once the raw food leaves the manufacturer. The product could be thawed and refrozen, and this will increase the chances of bacteria growth.

What Choice to Make?

Whether you decide to make your own raw dog food or buy it from the store, it is still better than feeding your dog kibble.

Both in-store purchases and homemade have their advantages and disadvantages, so what you decide will be based on your comfort level and preference.

You can even decide to purchase half of your meals and make the other half. This will allow you to ultimately decide what is best for you.

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