History of the Dogo Argentino protection dog.

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The Dogo Argentino protection dog was created in the mid-1920s by ANTONIO NORES MARTINEZ. The Dogo was originally created as a big game hunter capable of scenting, tracking, and subduing large predators such as pumas and wild boar. These large powerful protection dogs originated from the old fighting dog of Cordoba crossed with English bulldog, bull terrier, mastiff, boxer, Dogue de Bordeaux, pointer, Great Dane, Great Pyrenees, and Irish wolfhound. Most of the original Dogo protection dogs were being rigorously tested in the wilderness, catching large, dangerous, wild games. As the Dogo protection dogs gained popularity they have been used to participate in such working venues as Schutzand, French Ring, weight pulling, and of course family protection dogs. The Dogo Argentino is by far one of the most versatile working breeds ever created. While the Dogo Argentino protection dog excels in such dangerous jobs, they are extremely sensitive and gentle with family members and very calm in the home outside of work. These gorgeous protection dogs are white and have short tight coats and usually cropped ears. Dogos from proper working lines will range between 80-100 pounds and 24-27 inches in height. The Argentine Dogo protection dog can have a tendency for animal aggression which can sometimes include other dogs. If you decide to bring a Dogo Argentino into your home as a protection dog, we suggest doing so at a young age in order to properly socialize the animal with other dogs.

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