Fish oil and Protection dogs

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For years now we have been hearing about the benefits of giving your protection dog fish oil supplements. While there are many benefits of adding omega -3s to your protection dogs diet, most supplements are much higher in omega-6. The majority of protection dogs get far too much omega-6- 6 in their diets. Feeding high amounts of omega-6 – 6 can lead to increased inflammation for your protection dog. Too much inflammation can cause your protection dog a number of problems such as allergies, joint pain, diabetes, autoimmune disease, and more. Adding Omega- 3s instead of 6 will help balance out and reduce inflammation in your protection dogs body. While adding fish oils to your protection dogs diet can help them obtain healthy omega 3s, DHA, and EPA, the amount of harmful omega-six simply isn’t worth the added inflammation. Most fish oil supplements also contain a large number of toxins that are harmful to protection dogs. Fat is where toxins are stored. Heavy metals like arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury is found in our oceans and end up in fish as well as fish oil supplements. Heavy metals can cause many health problems for protection dogs including, blindness, cancer, nervous system dysfunction, as well as liver and kidney damage. At Pinnacle Protection Dogs we feel there are much better options than fish oil supplements for our protection dogs. A supplement that we like to use to ensure our protection dogs are getting plenty of omega-3s without the harmful omega-6s is called phytoplankton. Phytoplankton is tiny bundles of algae and bacteria that sustain the entire ocean. Phytoplankton is half omega 3 fats by weight which is about double the amount found in fish. Phytoplankton molecules are so small they don’t even need to be digested. They travel right to your protection dogs cells with no need to pass through your protection dogs digestive system. Phytoplankton contains another powerful antioxidant that is extremely beneficial for protection dogs. Superoxide dismutase has been called the king of antioxidants. Animals with high levels of superoxide dismutase have been shown to have a longer life span. Supplementing your protection dogs diet with phytoplankton can help clear up free radical damage from traditional fish oils as well as greatly improve immune function.

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