Fasting your protection dog

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Needless to say, correct functioning of a protection dogs immune system is vital to the animals health and longevity. Toxins such as , vaccines , drugs, wormers and processed food , can have a harmful effect on a protection dogs immune health. When your protection dogs immune system is compromised they become susceptable to disease and parasites. A dogs digestive health is crucial for immune function. The digestive system of a protection dog is responsible for around eighty percent of its immunity. A dogs intestinal tract identifies and destroys harmful substances such as bacteria, viruses, parasites and chemical toxins. Protection dogs should not be in a constant state of digesting foods. This can be taxing on the ability of your protection dogs digestive system to stay in optimal form. Regular fasting can be extremely beneficial to your protection dogs digestive health. Fasting can help detoxify toxic build up and restore balance. Fasting your protection dog can help elevate macrophages. Macrophages are your dogs first line of defense against harmful particles. Macrophages essentially engulf dead cells which are eventually disposed of through fecal matter. This detoxification process is greatly increased during fasting. Fasting your protection dog on a regular basis will also increase immunoglobulin levels, neutrophil bactericidal activity, monocyte killing and bacteria function and natural killer cell activity. At Pinnacle Protection Dogs we prefer to fast our dogs about one day per week. We have had other suggestions in regards to fasting schedule that might also be of benefit but so far this has what’s worked best for us.

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