Ear infections and protection dogs.

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All dogs, even properly bred, healthy, protection dogs can develop ear infections. Infected ears can cause itchy, gunky, smelly, and sometimes painful ears. Ear infections are one of the main reasons dogs visit the vet. There are a few very common causes for your protection dogs’ ears becoming infected. Otitis externa is an infection of the external part of your protection dog’s ear. Ottis media is inflammation of the protection dog’s middle ear. Otitis media is found in 50 percent of protection dogs with chronic otitis externa. Otitis interna is the inflammation or infection of a protection dog’s inner ear. What are some of the symptoms your protection dog will display when its ears are infected? If you notice any of the following being displayed by your protection dog there is a good chance they have an ear infection. Head tilting, head shaking, scratching ears, rubbing ears, hot ears, smelly ears, waxy discharge, crusty, scabby, or irritated skin are signs that your protection dog may have an ear infection. Extreme cases may cause your protection dog to have hearing loss, loss of balance, or to walk in circles. Once it has been determined what type of ear infection your protection dog has there are several effective holistic treatment options. Many protection dogs have been exposed to drugs, pesticides, vaccines, and other chemical stresses to the immune system. These same toxins are released from the protection dogs’ bowels, the urinary tract, and through the skin and ears. Discharge from the ears is often a sign that your protection dog’s body is trying to rid itself from these toxins. Topical treatments and antibiotics are often given to protection dogs with ear infections. These treatments may help your protection dog clear up at first but there is a strong possibility it will come back again later. At Pinnacle Protection dogs we prefer to take a holistic approach and get to the root of what is causing these ear issues in a protection dog. Diet is a huge factor, especially if you are using a feed that is very high in carbohydrates. Yeast thrives on these diets and can lead to inflammation in your protection dogs gut later followed by inflammation in the ears. We prefer to let our protection dogs live a more natural lifestyle that helps reduce many stressors. We always try to feed our protection dogs whole raw feed diets, limit vaccinations, avoid exposure to pesticides and chemicals, as well as avoiding over-vaccination. We never over clean our protection dogs’ ears. If your protection dogs’ ears look a little waxy avoid over-cleaning them. A little wax in the ear is normal. If your protection dog isn’t showing any signs of discomfort it’s best to leave the ears alone. As far as treating your protection dog with an ear infection there are several natural cures with very limited side effects. Topical green tea, Calendula, yogurt, grapefruit seed extract, and oil of oregano have all been very effective in dealing with ear infections. For mild ear infections, we treat our protection dogs with a 1:1 vinegar and water solution once daily for a few weeks. Be sure to get the liquid into your protection dog’s ear by holding the ear very still then massage gently below the dog’s ear.

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