CBD Products for Protection Dogs

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Many pet researchers are turning attention towards CBD products for protection dogs. Just as CBD has helped humans, your protection dog can receive the same benefits.

While CBD is a compound found in the marijuana plant, it does not produce psychoactive effects in humans or protection dogs. Most CBD products now come from the hemp plant. These products are able to give your protection dog all the positive benefits without giving your protection dog any psychoactive effects. CBD can be a very safe effective supplement for protection dogs. It has been shown to fight cancer, reduce anxiety, treat epilepsy, relieve pain, treat inflammation, improve the immune system as well as protect the nervous system. CBD has been shown to be very safe even when given to protection dogs in very high doses for extended periods of time. Most CBD products we use for our protection dogs come from hemp, which contains very little thc at all, making it legal in all 50 states. CBD can be extremely beneficial and even life-saving for your protection dog. In terms of choosing the correct CBD product for your protection dog, you want to choose a product of high quality that is organic and full spectrum. Buying CBD in a tincture is usually the best route to go for your protection dog. While there are some very high-quality CBD products in treat form, a tincture will allow you to accurately adjust and dial in the perfect dosage for your family protection dog. At Pinnacle Protection dogs we always strive to keep our clients informed about the latest nutrition, supplements, and general care of their family protection dogs. Recently we have seen some outstanding results from CBD in both our own personal protection dogs as well as our clients’ family pet protectors.

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