Oregano Oil for Protection Dog

Benefits of Oregano Oil for Your Protection Dog

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With more and more studies touting the health benefits of oregano, it is no wonder that the common kitchen spice has made its way to the medicine cabinet. Due to the antibiotic capabilities of oregano oil, the oil turns out to be a safe alternative to traditional antibiotics. The oil is being embraced within veterinary medicine, on chicken farms, and with the treatment advice from your veterinarian can be a fantastic treatment option for your family protection dogs. Because of its potency, it should be used with caution and should never replace veterinary care should your protection dog have a high fever or a deep and infected wound.

Ingredients that Kill

Two powerful ingredients contained in oregano oil give it the exceptional ability to kill harmful bacteria or microorganisms. These components are known as phenols. The medicinal qualities of the oil are not limited to treating bacterial infections or fungus, in fact, should your personal protection dogs require treatment for a virus or parasites, the oil is quite useful. If your protection dog is prescribed a traditional antibiotic, discuss with your veterinarian the possibility of using oregano oil alongside the medicine. Adding oregano oil alongside the antibiotic may allow for smaller dosing of the antibiotics, and can potentially alleviate some of the adverse side effects common with antibiotics. One of the most exciting aspects of using oregano oil in addition to or in place of traditional antibiotics is that germs cannot become resistant to its effectiveness like they can medicinal antibiotics. This resistance can result in “super-bugs,”‘which is not treatable. Oregano oil holds great promise for solving this problem with Western medications.

How to Dose for Illness or Infection

It is recommended that when using oregano oil to treat your personal protection dogs, you dilute it. This is true whether you are administering the treatment topically or orally. If you are treating for a fungal skin condition and using the oil topically, dilute by mixing one drop of oil with a teaspoon of carrier oil. For external purposes, olive oil is a great option as a carrier oil. If you are administering the oil internally, mix 2-3 drops of the oil with a teaspoon of carrier oil. Coconut oil is a healthy and nutritious option for internal dosing. For oral administration, repeat this process at least three times a day for maximum results.

When choosing an oregano oil, look for one that is therapeutic-grade. Utilizing a lesser grade can be much less effective and not yield the desired results. If you would like to make your own oregano oil at home, mix 1/2 teaspoon of high-quality dried oregano with 1 ounce of quality olive oil. Combine thoroughly and allow the mixture to sit for anywhere from 24-48 hours. Remember to still dilute this oil just as you would if it was commercially sourced.

Oregano Oil For Ear Mites

Once they have taken up residence in your family protection dog’s ears, ear mites can be quite stubborn. For this reason, it is necessary to use a higher concentration of oil than you normally would. Use a ratio of 15 drops of oil to 1 ounce of the carrier oil of your choice. Then, use anywhere from 5 to 20 drops of the combination into both ears, once every day. If you do not want to mix the oils yourself, it is possible to find them pre-mixed and sold commercially. These are specially formatted for a dog’s ears and will not need further diluting. Never use a mixture of oregano oil to treat your family protection dogs’ ears if you suspect it has an ear infection but has not yet ensured a proper diagnosis. It is imperative that your veterinarian checks that the dog’s eardrums are still intact.

Side Effects of Oregano Oil

Oregano oil is very potent. So potent, in fact, that it is capable of killing the particularly stubborn methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or what is commonly known as MRSA. MRSA is so strong that many traditional antibiotics are incapable of thoroughly killing the virus. While this is an impressive quality of oregano oil, it speaks to its incredible strength and emphasizes the necessity to properly dilute when you are using it to treat personal protection dogs for sale. This is especially true when you are using the remedy for the first time, at least until you are confident that an application or dosing does not result in an adverse reaction.

While you should always be alert for a negative reaction, proper dilution and administration of oregano oil are considered extremely safe. It is safe whether you are using it to treat ailments internal or external. Dosage and/or dilution should never be increased beyond the recommendations and guidelines imparted by your dog’s veterinarian. In the event that you become aware of an adverse reaction or an increase or worsening of symptoms in your personal protection dogs for sale, immediately discontinue use and talk to your veterinarian as soon as possible.

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