Benefits of feeding your protection dog colostrum.

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All young mammals receive colostrum from their mothers milk. The colostrum your protection dog puppy gets from its mothers milk is vital for nutrition as well as immune strength. Colostrum is not only benifical for puppies but also adult protection dogs. Colostrum contains immunoglobulins also called antibodies. These antibodies give protection dog puppies enough immunity until their own immune system finally develops. These antibodies also coat your protection dogs digestive track which prevent viruses from entering your family protection dogs body. If these viruses are allowed to enter a protection dogs body, they can cause chronic diarrhea and bowel inflammation. They can also enter your protection dogs blood stream which in turn causes allergies and inflammation. Colostrum also contains lactoferrin which help your protection dog eliminate pathogens that can cause inflammation. MSM which is often used in joint supplements is also found in colostrum. MSM will help your protection dog maintain cartilage and manage pain. MSM can also help reduce tumors in protection dogs. Some other great usages of colostrum for protection dogs are leaky gut, diarrhea, oral health, and gut damage from surgeries or medications, auto immune disease, yeast , cancer, and joint pain. Your protection dog can also benefit greatly from using colostrum topically. Colostrum used topically can help your protection dog with skin infections, wounds, insect bites, abscesses, hot spots, rashes, ear infections and cysts. Colostrum is best fed to your protection dog on an empty stomach. If your using a powdered form we recommend giving your protection dog 1/3 tablespoon per 25 pounds bodyweight daily. As you can see this amazing nutritional supplement can help your protection dog with a wide range of health issues. Colostrum is cheap and should be a regular additive of a healthy protection dogs diet

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