Benefits of Fasting your Protection Dog

The Benefits of Fasting your Protection Dog

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When it comes to a dog’s well-being, particularly in regards to trained protection dogs, it’s crucial to establish and manage a strong immune system. Harmful toxins, such as wormers, vaccines, medications, and pre-made meals can all produce an obstacle for the canine’s immune system, and these types of popular items and drug treatments can certainly make our adored animals much more prone to illness and parasites.

No matter how hard we try to protect our protection dogs from harm, ultimately, they’re likely to be exposed to a variety of harmful toxins every day. Hormones, vaccines, and antibiotics in the meals and vitamins we offer, in addition to genetically altered and processed foods, are able to hinder a healthy lifespan for all dogs. With that said, it can be highly beneficial for all trained protection dogs, which means a longer life of service.

Your dog’s digestive system can do a lot more than break down food, and roughly 80% of a dog’s immunity processes exist inside of its gut. The intestinal system of personal protection dogs as well as all others has the capacity to recognize and eliminate alien substances like harmful bacteria, parasitic organisms, and toxins. Moreover, it possesses an internal memory to recognize the exact kind of invader whenever it comes to cause harm again. At the same time, the immune system possesses an inner communication process made up of a system of built-in cells to safeguard the dog’s body and overall well-being.

When there is a defective communication and a message to the immune cells is misinterpreted, which means it’s not able to differentiate between the canine’s own cells, the invaders begin to kill healthy tissues and cells. This reveals autoimmune disorders, such as allergen hypersensitivity, joint disease, IBS, food allergies, candida overgrowth, liver problems, and cancers. If your pet is always digesting foods, the natural immunity lacks the necessary time or tools to maintain optimum health. This is where fasting on a regular basis comes into play. A fasting period for personal protection dogs could help the immune system detoxifying the toxic accumulation and reestablish a normal balance.

Advantages of Fasting Regularly

  • Macrophage Activation

Macrophages consume and eliminate bacteria, infections, and many other unknown substances. This activation of macrophages ingests old or unusual body cells, and they shape into an essential first-line kind of defense for our protection dog’s system; one that fights against destructive particles reaching their body’s insides.

Reinforcing the body’s macrophages is usually the most recommended treatment for autoimmune diseases, and it’s also a prescribed treatment for some types of cancer. As soon as the macrophages and the various other immune system components brake-down and digest the body’s expired body cells, the body cells then go through the bloodstream to the digestive system to make the final disposition. Once this is finished, the fecal matter then comprises mostly of expired cells that have been shredded by the multiple organs within the animal’s body to be prepared for removal by macrophages. A dramatic speeding-up kind of process happens at this point during the fasting as catabolism speeds up cellular breakdown for the purpose of fueling.

  • Neutrophil Bactericidal Activity Increasing

Both engulfing bacteria and taking in microorganisms, Neutrophils result in a metabolic function within the granules which generates hydrogen peroxide as well as a highly active type of oxygen known as “superoxide”, which eliminates all bacteria ingested.

  • Immunoglobulin Ranges Escalate

Immunoglobulin provides passive immune protection to a number of diseases, including immune-mediated hemolytic anemia.

  • Heightened Monocyte Killing and Bacterial Function

Monocytes can ingest infectious particles of virtually any size. Monocytes typically enter into parts of swollen tissues or at areas comprising of chronic infections.

  • Enhanced Natural Killer Cell Activity

These cells were initially identified in 1975. Experts discovered that cells in the blood and lymphoid areas within the protection dog could destroy tumor cells as well as cells that were attacked by viruses. The majority of all immunologists believe that natural killer cells have a significant role in examining the progress of tumor growth and cells that are infected with certain viruses.


Mark Mattson, a member of the National Institute on Aging, with his team, conducted research whereby they starting fasting mice every other day. The mice would consume all they desired on the days that alternated. On feeding days, these mice ate great, and a lot! They wound up feeding on practically two times more than they would have on a normal feeding schedule.

Ultimately starvation on alternate days was to result in a longer and Researchers had no explanation for the results, and Mattson was convinced that days without meals caused mild stress on their cells, causing them to cope with stress better. He compared the process to weight lifting, whereas the muscles are stressed and respond by becoming larger and stronger.

Close to the conclusion of the analysis, the mice on the alternate meal plan and standard diet plan were given a toxin that harms the cells in a similar way to how Alzheimer’s harms a human’s brain. Mice that were on the alternate day meal plan were far less impacted when compared to those mice that ate daily.

The Results of Fasting

EOD-fasting, in the opinion of top researchers, is believed to carry benefits whenever activated after injury or insult. Lastly, periodic fasting is a simple, safe comprehensive treatment option that may be executed in a clinical setting to boost functional recovery.

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