Our 7 Favorite Raw Dog Treat Recipes

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Your personal protection dogs are always there for you, looking out for you, and keeping your best interest in mind, which means that naturally, you’d want to give them the best. Unfortunately, when it comes to food and treats, it can be a struggle to find healthy options without additives and chemicals. Not only is it difficult to locate natural treats without fillers, but once found, the price tag is astounding. Quality is expensive, but thankfully, it’s a breeze to make all-natural dog treats at home! Even though we love providing personal protection dogs for sale, we also want to give you peace of mind with knowing the exact ingredients going into these treats. Take a look at these delicious, healthy, and easy DIY dog treats for inspiration.

Watermelon Treats

It’s nearly a universal fact that everyone loves watermelon, and that includes protection dogs! These watermelon treats are a wonderful way to help your dog cool down and enjoy the summer a little more. These treats are as simple as three ingredients, a blender, and a few ice cube trays. Even if your dog is unsure about the frozen treat initially, they will more than likely catch on once they take a lick.

Organ Meat

Although it may seem distasteful to us, dog owners commiserate that the messier and more smelly the treat, the more dogs love it! The concept certainly applies to these treats made from real organ meat. Yes, you can create dog treats from organ meat and it may not seem quite as awful as you’re anticipating. These leftover organs (such as the liver, heart, etc) aren’t what people typically want to serve for dinner, which results in an inexpensive trip to the butcher!

Organ meat provides your protection dog with a substantial dose of nutrients and this recipe utilizes dehydration, which preserves the vitamins and nutritional value. Remember, however, these are treats and should not be given in excess or your dog may ingest too many nutrients. Even if you don’t own a dehydrator, simply slip these treats in your oven on the lowest setting.

Strawberry & Banana Smoothie Treats

If your protection dogs need a break from the summer heat, they will love these frozen strawberry and banana treats! Strawberry and bananas have been a classic flavor for ages, and apparently not just with people. Simply combine sliced strawberries, bananas, Greek yogurt, honey, and skim milk in a blender, followed by pouring the mix into ice cube molds and freezing until solid. If you’d rather not give your dog skim milk, feel free to supplement coconut milk, goat milk, or your dog-friendly milk of choice.

Blueberry Coconut Oil Treats

The internet is brimming with articles and videos regarding the benefits of coconut oil, but have you considered giving it to your protection dog? Coconut oil will boost your dog’s health with the fatty acids, most noticeably for their coat and skin. These coconut oil treats are delicious, easy to make with only two ingredients, and due to their frozen state, you won’t be left with an oily residue. The blueberry adds a pop of flavor and if your dog has already enjoyed eating a few fruits or vegetables, they may enjoy this addition to their coconut oil treat!

Dog Pudding

Perhaps you’re the pet parent who loves to spoil your dog any chance you find. Our personal protection dogs for sale always love a treat for Christmas, their birthday, or any other special occasion! This extra-delicious option is easy to throw together yourself. The dog pudding recipe not only tastes wonderful to them, but it’s healthy and nourishing. While it may seem more like a dog “cake” than a pudding, your dogs are still bound to love it with the bursting flavors of meat, pumpkin, coconut oil, and other nutritional ingredients.

Pumpkin Banana Pup Pops

Pumpkin provides several health advantages for dogs. It’s rumored to possibly help with weight loss, and certainly aids in digestion. Beyond that, dogs love the flavor! Many protection dogs also love treats with banana flavoring, so they are bound to love this combination. If you’d rather use something other than bananas, the author of this recipe suggests mashing up other dog-friendly fruits, such as cantaloupe or blueberries. Again, mash it, mix it, and freeze it!

Chicken Broth & Apple Treats

Though this combination may not sound appetizing to you, dogs will find it delectable. This is another great recipe for minimizing ingredients, as you’ll only need chicken broth and apples. Simply place chopped apple pieces into ice cube trays, fill the molds with chicken broth, and freeze! Healthy couldn’t be easier.

Healthy & Affordable

Personal protection dogs are caring, compassionate, protective, and they’ve earned the best we can provide. Many affordable treats on the store shelves are riddled with harmful additives, while the healthy, holistic treats are shockingly expensive. Giving your protection dog the highest quality diet within your budget is the best option, but on occasion, options may feel limited when considering budget restrictions. When you make these natural treats at home, the need will no longer exist for a compromise between price and quality! Which treat will you try? Do you have any suggestions for DIY dog treats? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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