5 Reasons You Should Ditch Fish Oil For Your Dog

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Popular advice suggests that giving your personal protection dogs fish oil is a great way to supplement their diet with omega-3 fats. The reasoning is that dogs get too many omega-6 fats in their diet, which can lead to inflammation in their bodies. But what if giving fish oil was just as bad?

It sounds nuts, but the truth is fish-oil has its own negative side effects that might not be as beneficial for your personal protection dogs for sale. But before diving into why you want to get rid of the stuff, let’s discuss what makes Omega-6 fats so unhealthy.

Most personal protection dogs consume too many omega-6 fats. While most people consider the food they feed their dogs healthy, the truth is this unwanted fat puts your dog at many risks. Symptoms of the consumption of omega-6 fats include allergy problems, joint pain, and chronic health issues later down the road.

By adding omega-3 fats to your dog’s diet, the goal then is to even out the levels of omega-6. This, in theory, reduces inflammation that can lead to chronic problems.

Which is where fish oil supplements come in. The goal of a fish supplement is to include natural omega-3 fats found in fish in your protection dog’s diet. While this should create a healthier animal free of dietary-related issues, did you know fish oil can be just as detrimental?

While fish oil is indeed rich in omega-3 fats, other negative aspects can negate any positive benefits obtained by consuming them. With all this in mind, if your goal is to create a healthier lifestyle for your dog, then consider this list of reasons why you don’t want to give your dog fish oil.

Oxidative Damage Can Lead to Unwanted Aging

When your personal protection dogs for sale consume fish oils, they become exposed to oxidative damage. This is because the fat cells in the supplement tend to break down when exposed to oxygen. When this happens, the fat can formulate smaller compounds such as malondialdehyde and free radicals. Both of these compounds are terrible with aging and may lead to more diseases.

This is because both compounds destroy your dog’s DNA and protein structures. When this occurs, more problems begin to arise. Dogs can suddenly have more issues with inflammation and eventually get cancer. And while it may seem counter-intuitive, the truth is your dog is still becoming exposed to the same problems that omega-6 fats offer.

Polluted Water Leads to Toxins in Fish

Another downside to the supplements is the fact that they are often polluted with unwanted toxins. Everyone knows that oceans have become more polluted, leading to much exposure to heavier metals.

The big one is mercury, but other ones include cadmium and lead. If that makes you cringe, then you definitely need to consider how many fish oils contain these contaminants.

Sadly, much of these toxins get stored in the fat cells of fish, which gets carried over when the oil is extracted. And while you may not want to think about it, this toxin can lead to horrible symptoms for your dog, including blindness and liver disease.

While manufacturers claim their oils are free of these toxic metals, independent studies have suggested differently. Even if your fish oil has been tested and certified this may not guarantee it’s safe.

Radiation Can Also Be Found

Another dangerous side effect of giving your dog fish oil is the possibility of it being exposed to radiation.

Nuclear power plant meltdowns from years ago have caused radiation exposure in the Pacific Ocean. Much of the fish that is used in supplements come to this ocean and contain that exposure. Study after study has confirmed that much of this fish has been exposed to radioactive particles.

Problems can arise when the protection dogs consume the oil. Much of the radiation ends up getting stored in their bone marrow and can lead to cancer and even leukemia.

Environmental Concerns

Another nasty effect that many people are unaware of is the impact that consuming fish oil has on the environment. While most people consider the supplements harm-free, most don’t consider the other animals that get killed by fishermen.

When fishermen cast nets, they often catch more than just fish. Other creatures that can end up being caught include turtles and dolphins.

The more your dog consumes fish oil, the more these precious animals end up getting destroyed, to the point where their populations have been reduced by half.

Fish Oil Isn’t the Best Way to Obtain Omega-3 Fatty Acids

While every personal protection dog needs omega-3 fats in their diet, fish oil may not be the best way.

Just as dogs don’t have natural levels of fat naturally, fish are the same. Much of the fat comes from phytoplankton, which are small bundles of algae and bacteria. These inhabitants are what allows fish to consume omega-3 fats.

Much of the omega-3 fats they consume are from phytoplankton. But unlike fish, owners have the capability to give dogs their own phytoplankton by growing the algae in filtered water farms.

The beauty is that when your dog ingests the algae, the omega-3 fatty acids go directly to their cells. Unlike consuming fish that is heavy with toxins and radiation, this phytoplankton is free from unwanted trash.

Are You Convinced Yet?

While giving your personal protection dogs for sale fish oil may seem like a good idea, there are many unwanted side effects. The reality is that not every dog is going to reap the benefits that omega-3 fats can offer.

Rather than put your dog in unwanted harm’s way, why not try an alternative such as giving them phytoplankton to increase their chances of living a long and rewarding life? And better yet, why not do something for the environment?

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