20 Top Secret Natural Remedies For Your Dog

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Whether you simply want a companion or are looking into personal protection dogs to help keep your family safe, your pet’s health is important. Many times, an injury or illness can be treated at home and, while many may scoff at the idea, homeopathy is becoming a widely used practice for the treatment of our pets, as well as for ourselves. Different from home remedies that have been passed down through generations with no real proof of effectiveness, these homeopathic treatments were developed out of scientific research. These studies have helped to determine that the treatments really do work and that they’re safe for our beloved pets.

Today, many pet owners are turning to homeopathy, because they feel unsatisfied by traditional veterinary medicine. The treatments prescribed by the vet are generally temporary and result in a long laundry list of adverse side effects. Conversely, homeopathic treatments are proven effective and are most beneficial in the treatment of sudden or painful injuries and illnesses. Insect stings, indigestion, and hot spots are just a few of the conditions that can be successfully treated with homeopathic remedies.

If you’re unfamiliar with homeopathic treatments, you should be aware of a few things, before jumping into administering a remedy to your protection dog. The treatments are found either in pellets, granules, or liquid form and should be slipped into the dog’s mouth without handling them directly. Instead, use a bottle cap to drop the granule or pellet into the side of the animal’s mouth. All dogs have pouches on one side of their mouth, which can be felt by pulling out the lower lip with your fingers. Once you locate the pouch, drop the medication into it.

In cases where the protection dog resists taking the pellet or granule, you can make a liquid dose out of them. Combine 1 ounce of spring water or filtered bottled water with 2-3 pellets or granules. Stir the mixture well, but don’t worry if the pellets don’t dissolve completely. The solution is still powerful enough to treat your dog. If you use a dropper bottle for the mixture, place the cap on tightly and vigorously shake the bottle against the palm of your hand.

In administering the liquid form, use a clean eyedropper or a teaspoon. Be careful not to touch the dog’s mouth with the spoon or dropper. If it does touch, sterilize it, before using it again. This will help ensure you’re not contaminating the treatment. The treatment can then be stored at room temperature and used for the next two to three days.

In determining how large of a dose to give, be aware that the general potency ranges are 6C, 12C, 30C, or 200C. Generally, give your protection dog whatever potency you happened to have on hand, but, if in doubt, 30c is a standard dosage. Larger potencies are reserved for when a stronger acting treatment is needed. The dog should be monitored closely after this first treatment to see how it affects him and whether or not a repeated treatment is required.

Especially with an acute condition, the dog should respond relatively quickly to the remedy. If there is no change, or if the condition is severe or an emergency, the dose can be repeated two to three times with five to 15-minute intervals between dosages.

Once improvement has been observed, stop treatment and continue to watch your pet for further improvement. In some cases, the dog may get better only to worsen as time goes on. If this is the case, repeat the dosage again. Again, wait at least five minutes between doses, though you may want to wait longer to allow the treatment to take effect. It depends on the treatment and the protection dog’s specific reaction. Use your best judgment.

Today’s 20 Best Homeopathic Treatments

1. Bleeding Nails
Trimming your dog’s nails can be a tricky business and they need it often, particularly when you first bring them home. The next time you’re looking for personal protection dogs for sale, pay attention to their paws. Their nails will likely need a trim. Unfortunately, if you cut them too short, you can damage the nerves and cause bleeding. Hypericum is a great treatment for this type of nerve damage.

2. Vomiting
Often, even well-trained protection dogs will get into mischief. If they get into the garbage and eat something unhealthy, this can produce vomiting and diarrhea. Nux vomica is perfect for treating this kind of nausea. It can be used following surgery as well.

3. Ticks
Tick bites can pose a serious threat to your dog, leading to any number of illnesses. By administering Ledum palustre (Ledum) two times daily for the two days following the bite, you can prevent your protection dog from contracting tick bite-related illnesses.

4. Physical Injuries
Treating bumps and bruises is easy and efficient with a dose of Arnica. Once given, this homeopathic remedy reduces inflammation and promotes faster healing.

5. Rid Your Dog of Foreign Contaminants
Whether he steps on a thorn or gets foxtail in his ear, your dog may need to have a foreign body expelled from his body. Silica (a.k.a. Silicea) is ideal for this and is even helpful in cleaning out anal glands.

6. Draining Abscesses
An abscess can be bothersome, developing a strong odor, and may even cause a greater infection, if left untreated. Hepar sulphuris will remedy this condition and promote the healthy draining of pus from the wound.

7. Heal Open Wounds
Outdoor dogs, such as personal protection dogs for sale, often injure themselves during play. Cuts and scrapes heal quicker with a dose of Calendula.

8. Another Remedy for Vomiting and Diarrhea
Arsenicum album can be used to settle your dog’s stomach.

9. Fever and Inflammation
If your protection dog has a fever and unexplained redness around the ears and in the skin, give him a dose of Belladonna.

10. Treat an Emergency Case of Bloat
This can be a life-threatening condition for your dog, requiring a visit to an emergency veterinary clinic. On the way, treat him with Carbo vegetabilis to alleviate the condition.

11. Help Alleviate the Pain of Broken Bones
There’s no way around going to the vet for this one, but you can reduce pain for your pet with Symphytum. This remedy also promotes faster healing.

12. Irritated Eyes
Red or watery eyes can be alleviated with a dose of Euphrasia.

13. Treat Skin Burns and UTF
Urinary tract infections pose problems for dogs as they do with people, but the urgency to urinate and burning in the bladder can be alleviated with Cantharis. This treatment also soothes blistered burns on the skin.

14. Cure Frostbite
Agaricus relieves the symptoms of frostbite, especially in the extremities.

15. Trauma
If your dog is hit by a car, he will likely go into shock. Aconite is ideal for treating this condition. Also helpful to have on hand is Carbo vegetabilis, often called the corpse reviver. Administer this, if your pet becomes cold and lifeless.

16. TBI and Spinal Injuries
Depending on how active your protection dog is and where he spends his time, he may experience a traumatic brain injury or spinal injury. Natrum sulphuricum (Nat sulph) can alleviate pain associated with these conditions.

17. Joint Stiffness
Rhus toxicodendron (Rhus tox) comes in handy after an especially active day that has left your dog lacking energy. Ruta graveolens (Ruta grav) is another choice for treating muscle aches. Ideally, start by administering a dose of Arnica, following that up with one of these two remedies.

18. Burns
Minor burns, such as sunburn, can be treated with Urtica urens. Cantharis should be used instead, where the burn has broken the skin.

19. Teething Discomfort
This is the most difficult phase in raising a new puppy. Teething can cause mouth pain and produce greenish diarrhea. Chamomilla can alleviate these symptoms.

20. Treat Bites and Stings
Insects pose a severe threat to protection dogs, even when the pet spends most of its time indoors. An insect bite or sting can be treated with Ledum (Ledum palustre), which promotes faster healing and works to prevent tetanus from setting in.

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