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15 Tips For A Healthy Protection Dog Diet

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You should never take feeding your personal protection dogs lightly. Your dog’s diet determines whether or not they can protect your home. The dietary habits you set up for your dog can mean the difference between years of protection and ineffectual guarding. This blog post will give protection dog owners some of the principles that will give your guard dog an excellent diet.

If you are happy with your guard dog’s current food, then you can use some of the tips in this blog post to benefit the canine member of your household. You don’t have to incorporate all 15 tips. Using one tip will vastly help your guard dog.

  1. Perform the Label TestThe job of an advertiser is to make unhealthy dog foods appear to be healthy. When you examine the labels on your dog’s food, you will then be able to make more educated choices. Take your dog’s food and look for the first five ingredients on the label. Google those five ingredients. After each ingredient, first, type “bad for dogs”. Then type the ingredient followed by “good for dogs”. You’ll get a lot of surprising results. Many dog foods sold by vets for personal protection dogs for sale may be good for canines with certain conditions. However, they can cause a lot of other problems. Use your best judgment when buying these foods.
  2. Don’t Feed Your Dog Shelf Stable FoodsWhile shelf solid foods have a shelf life of up to 24 months, they don’t contain any live enzymes. The food that your protection dogs need for optimum health can’t get found in a can or bag. If it could, a lot more dogs would live long, healthy lives. While shelf-stable foods have their place, they shouldn’t be a daily part of your protection dogs’ diet.
  3. Give Your Dog A Whole Food DietFresh fruits and vegetables have live enzymes that give personal protection dogs for sale at an optimum level of health. Whole foods also aid digestion and encourage bowel movements. Nutrients get destroyed in the cooking process and get added back in after the fact. Unlike these fake nutrients, whole foods absorb and assimilate the right nutrients. Dogs should avoid certain fruits and vegetables. Some parts of the plant are also more nutritious than the remainder. One example involves the broccoli stem, which contains more nutrients than the head. You can also feed your guard dog beetroot leaves for added nutritional value.
  4. Feed Your Dog Food With Antioxidants and Anti-Inflammatory PropertiesInflammation causes premature aging in both dogs and people. Processed dog foods contain inflammatory properties. If you have to feed your protection dog processed foods, mix it with a diet of occasional meals of whole anti-inflammatory foods. If you feed your dogs whole foods that are high in antioxidants, it can reduce inflammation in your dogs.
  5. Don’t Cook Meats For Your DogsHumans are the only species that eat cooked meats. When you cook food for your personal protection dogs, the food loses essential nutrients. To avoid this, don’t cook any meat for your dog.
  6. Feed Your Dog Organic Fruits and VegetablesMany non-organic whole foods were genetically modified. Since there are no labeling laws in the book, we have no idea what our protection dogs are eating. We already see issues in dogs who got exposed to genetically modified foods. If you’re concerned about this issue, research it for yourself to find foods that are safe for your dog to eat.
  7. Wash Non-Organic Produce in Apple Cider VinegarNot everyone can afford to buy all-organic produce. Scrub your non-organic produce with a brush while putting the fruits and vegetables in four parts water and one part apple cider vinegar for one minute. Rinse the food after you finish soaking it.
  8. Don’t Feed Your Dog Gluten The corn gluten that comes with many processed dog foods can do a lot of damage to your guard dog’s organs. To make matters worse, genetically modified corn often gets put in this kind of food.
  9. Feed Your Dog Organic Green Lentils Dogs don’t eat grains and don’t require them in their diet. If you want a healthy protein substitute for your canine, feed them organic green lentils. To prepare them, soak and rinse them before you cook them. Rinse them once more after you cook them. You can use green lentils as they have a high amount of protein. Green lentils also contain minerals and fiber, especially magnesium and iron.
  10. Use Raw Coconut Oil For FatRaw coconut oil can help with your dog’s weight. That’s because the coconut oil goes to your guard dog’s liver where it turns into energy. When your dog has more energy, they will exercise more. When they work off their energy, they stay lean. If they stay thin, they can do their job of protecting you and your household.
  11. Don’t Overfeed Your Guard DogIt’s okay that your dog is skinny during their younger, more active years. If your protection dog is overweight, feed them in the morning, so they have time to work it off. Also, don’t give your dogs treats. They’re heavily processed and not good for your dog.
  12. Take Care Of Your Guard Dog’s TeethThe heavily processed treats that claim to benefit your dog’s teeth and gums aren’t right for them. Instead, have them gnaw on raw bones. You can also give your digs zucchini and carrots. To remove plaque from your dog’s teeth, cut some holes in vegetables and cover them with raw coconut oil. Put the veggies in the freezer for five minutes, then give them to your dog.
  13. Feed Your Dogs Filtered Water Giving your dogs unfiltered tap water is just as dangerous for dogs as it is for humans. Purchase a good water filter for optimum canine health.
  14. Wash Your Dog’s Bowl With Vinegar Vinegar acts as an excellent alternative to commercial cleaning products. Use it to wash dog bowls and the surfaces that your dog uses. Vinegar not only works as a disinfectant. It becomes odorless when it dries.
  15. Take Control Of Your Dog’s DietIt’s easy to let your dog take the lead when it comes to feeding them. But by taking your guard dog’s health into your own hands, you’re ensuring that they will be around to protect your family for the long haul.

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