Personal Protection Dogs by Pinnacle

Personal Protection Dogs, Guarding at All Times

When it comes to Personal Protection Dogs, your safety and the safety of your family are of the utmost importance, at Pinnacle Protection Dogs we want to help you ensure nothing compromises that. Our Personal Protection Dogs are trained to protect but also bond with their handlers to form a companionship like no other. We take pride in knowing that we train the best family guard dogs available.

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randy couture with protection dogs

Randy Couture & Rumble

If you’re looking for a dog as tough as former UFC heavyweight champion, Randy Couture, Pinnacle Protection Dogs has the family protection dogs to keep your family safe.

An amazing guard dog starts with the breed.

Pinnacle Protection selects only the best Personal Protection dog breeds to raise and train for our clients. We work with you to learn your unique needs and wants so that you find the family protection dog that’s just right. After all, the best personal proteciton dogs are part of the family. Our dogs are great with kids and at ease in a public setting, but always on alert and ready to protect you.

Our trained protection dogs will vary in price depending on your specific needs.  This means that together, we can find you the best personal proteciton dog with the training you want.

Pinnacle Protection Dogs can be trained to:

  • Heel on or off a leash on either side (or next to a bicycle or horse)
  • Guard articles
  • Search home or office for intruders
  • Disarm an armed attacker (e.g., a knife or gun)
  • Bite and release upon command
  • Defend against multiple attackers
  • And so much more

All of our personal protection dogs are also trained to refuse food and commands from strangers; this is to prevent anyone from taking command of your dog.

See our dogs in action.

Our training methods are what make good guard dogs
into the best personal protection dogs.

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