The best way to see why Pinnacle dogs are the best protection dogs available for your family is to see them in action. The videos below are just a few examples of how our unique training methods ensure each dog is loving, loyal, ready and capable of protecting their family.


Pinnacle Protection Dogs “Duke” a fine example of a properly bred doberman. Duke is a very clear headed dog that takes his job as a family protection dog very serious. Duke enjoys every minute of looking after his pack members.



Pinnacle Protection Dog “Ruffo” getting some socialization at Bass Pro.


Pinnacle Protection Dogs



Giant Schnauzer “Ruffo” developing the protection dog skills necessary to handle a threat aimed at his home or handler.

Pinnacle protection dogs “Colby” learning how to handle multiple attackers. This is a skill that must be developed for any serious protection dog.

German Shepherd “Sarge” showing what it takes to be a true family protection dog.

It is essential for a protection dog to know the difference between a threat and non threat. In the video below

Pinnacle Protection Dogs “Sarge” enjoys a trip to Bass Pro Shops.

Family Protection dog “Brody” showing that it takes more then dealing with bad guys to be considered a Pinnacle Protection Dog. A properly trained protection dog must be stable and confident enough for even a 4 year old to handle.

Having some fun with Protection Dog “Leah”.  Leah is one tough female that is clear headed and in control at all times. She’s all that a family would need in a reliable family Protection dog.