Solo Doberman Pinscher Protection Dog

Solo (SOLD)

Breed: Doberman
Gender: Male
Country of Origin: Russia
Age: 2.5
Protection Dog

More About Solo

Solo is a sleek and elegant-looking Doberman Pinscher. He is a very upbeat and happy protection dog that has a zest for life. Excellent with children and other animals, Solo really is a joy to be around. In terms of your safety, Solo’s looks alone are enough to intimidate and change the mind of most would-be attackers. If an attacker is brave enough and attempts to violate you or your home, he will be met with a protection dog that possesses serious firepower and has all the tools necessary to keep your family safe. Solo has exceptional obedience and loves to please. For more info on Solo or any of our other featured protection dogs please call us today at +1702-540-0321
Solo - Doberman Pinscher Protection Dog