protection dog ruffo

Ruffo (SOLD)

Breed: Giant Schnauzer
Gender: Male
Country of Origin: United States
Age: 2
Personal Protection Dog

More About Ruffo (SOLD)

Ruffo is one of our most unique protection dogs at Pinnacle. Giant Schnauzers are hypoallergenic and do not shed. On top of being very clean, he has everything you need in personal defense and safety. His ability to protect and defend his family against a threat is at an elite level. He is a very high caliber dog with outstanding obedience. He is a phenomenal civilian protection dog. Please enjoy the videos of Ruffo below. For more information on Ruffo or any of our other featured dogs please call us at +17025400321

“Ruffo” doing a little shopping before his camping trip.

“Ruffo” responding to a threat aimed at his handler.