Neeji Stunning Black Female German Shepherd


Breed: German Shepherd
Gender: Female
Country of Origin: Russia
Age: 2
Protection Dog

More About Neeji

Neeji is an absolutely stunning black female German Shepherd who seems to turn heads wherever we take her. Small, compact, and agile, she is the perfect fit for a family who is active and enjoys traveling with their dog. Neeji has phenomenal on/off leash obedience and is very easy to handle for novice protection dog owners. When it comes to her protection work Neeji is the real deal. While she is very loving and affectionate with her family and anyone who is a non-threat, Neeji is all business should someone aim to hurt her family.  It’s not often that you will come across a female of Neeji’s quality. For more information on Neeji or any of our other featured protection dogs please give us a call at 17025400321