White protection dog next to bush

Max (SOLD)

Breed: American Bulldog
Gender: Male
Country of Origin: United States
Age: 2
Protection Dog

More About Max

Max - American BulldogWhat’s not to Love about Max? He is by far one of our favorite protection dogs. Max is a 2-year-old working line American Bulldog. A correctly bred American Bulldog is one of the most versatile dog breeds in the world. From being used as a farm utility animal to family protection, the American Bulldog can do it all. Max is one of our most trusted and stable dogs around small children. He is a very confident canine who understands his role as a family protection dog. While max is extremely loving and affectionate with his family he does not take kindly to threats aimed at his loved ones. He is a very impressive powerful animal that can be depended on against even the most dangerous of adversaries. Thick, powerful, and compact, Max has all the physical as well as temperament attributes we look for in an elite family protection dog. For more information on Max or any of our other featured protection dogs please give us a call at 17025400321

Max Protection Dog