Cash - Protection Dog for Sale

Cash (Sold)

Breed: German Shepherd
Gender: Male
Country of Origin: Russia
Age: 2
Personal Protection Dog

More About Cash (Sold)

Cash is a very sleek, sharp-looking, Black German Shepherd. He was imported to the united states from Russia as a young pup. Since then he has been living inside the home with young children as well as other dogs. Cash is an easy-going stable dog. He enjoys being active with his family but is also content to hang out around the house and snuggle up with his loved ones. Cash is an extremely affectionate protection dog that will not tolerate any physical threats to his family. He bonds very tightly to his pack and truly enjoys his job as a family pet protector.  When it comes to your family’s safety  Cash is without a doubt a first-class protection dog. For more information on Cash or any of our other feature Protection dogs please call us today at +1702-540-0321
Black German Shepherd protection dog cash