Portrait of a German shepherd with tongue out of mouth. Side view.

Brock (SOLD)

Breed: German Shepherd
Gender: Male
Country of Origin: Czech Republic
Age: 3
Executive Family Protection Dog

More About Brock

Brock is a very strong and powerful male German Shepherd imported from the Czech Republic. He is a beautiful dark sable dog with excellent conformation. He has been raised in a family environment with adults as well as small children. Brock’s protection dog skills are second to none. He is well versed in handling multiple attackers and always seems to keep a clear head, even in the most stressful and dangerous encounters. He is a very social, stable, protection dog that loves being with his handlers. Brock is calm and confident and can be taken anywhere his family pleases.  For more info on Brock or any of our other featured protection dogs please call +1702-540-0321