belgian malinois for sale, great protection dog breed


Breed: Belgian Malinois
Gender: Male
Country of Origin: Holland
Age: 2
Protection Dog

More About Biz

Biz- Belgian Malinois - Protection DogBiz is a beautiful fawn black-masked Belgian Malinois. Biz is an extremely well-socialized protection dog that has been exposed to a wide variety of environments. He is very easy to travel with and loves to hit the road with his family. Biz has a very fun, happy personality and loves to please. When it comes to his protection work Biz packs a lot of punch for a dog his size. He is pound for pound one of the strongest dogs we have had the pleasure to work. On top of being a very reliable protection dog Biz is easy enough to handle even for the most inexperienced owners. For more information on Biz or any of our other featured protection dogs please give us a call at 17025400321
Fawn Black Masked Belgian Malinois