Bandog Guard Dogs

History of the Bandog Guard Dog

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Dogs have held the position of man’s best friend for thousands of years. They were the first species domesticated by humans, and for much of that time, people selectively bred and trained their furry companions to create the many breeds of dogs we know today. One of these ancient breeds is the bandog. Though not… Read more »

Dutch Shepard Protection Dog

History of the Dutch Shepherd Protection Dog

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By reading the daily paper, you can easily see that crime rates are on the rise in many areas of the world. Assault and burglary incidents are up, and more people are taking their own safety into their own hands. One way to protect yourself and your loved ones is by owning a personal protection… Read more »

Threat - Protection Dog

What Is Threat Aggression?

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There are many different types of aggression that dogs can display, and the cause of aggression is what determines its type. Personal protection dogs should only display one type of aggression, which is a threat to aggression. What is threat aggression? The simplest way to look at it is justifiable aggression in the face of… Read more »

Raw Diet Foods for Protection Dog

The Benefits of a Raw Diet for your Protection Dog

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If you are researching personal protection dogs for sale, it is also important to research the most beneficial diet for them. It is quite possible that the best choice is a raw diet. Just as humans benefit from a nutrient-dense diet that focuses on fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, dogs also experience noticeable benefits… Read more »

Perro de presa canario - Protection Dog

History of the Perro de Presa Canario Guard Dog

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The Canary Islands The origins of the Perro de Presa Canario can be traced to the Canary Islands in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, as documented in several books. Hence the name, which translates to “The Canary Dog of Prey”. Spanish Conquistadors had taken over the Canary Islands however it is unknown whether the guard… Read more »

Canis Panther

History of the Canis Panther Guard Dog

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Whether you are looking for family guard dogs or personal protection dogs, one of the ultimate pet protectors is Canis Panthers. The breed of dog is defensive-minded, suspicious of strangers, very agile, extremely beautiful, and highly intelligent. These guard dogs have a fine nose, a wide jaw and chest, and a heavily muscular body. Owners… Read more »

Russian Protection Dogs

History of the Black Russian Terrier guard Dog

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Black Russian Terrier The Black Russian Terrier (BRT), also referred to as the Black Pearl of Russia, may seem as rare as a precious jewel. Truth be told, while it is a rare breed, it is known and affectionately accepted on many continents despite not being formally recognized by the AKC as a member of… Read more »

Natural Antibiotics for Protection Dogs

Natural Antibiotics for your Protection Dog

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1928 was a big year for medical science. Sir Alexander Fleming returned to his lab to find a big mess – and a new kind of mold. The mold was able to repel one of the leading causes of death in patients during that day, a bacterium called staphylococcus. Dr. Fleming proceeded to try to… Read more »

Belgian Shepherd Protection Dog

History of the Belgian Shepherd Protection Dogs

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The Belgian Shepherd, also known by its formal breed name as a Groenendael, has been an established dog breed in the United States for nearly a century, though it’s often a difficult task differentiating these personal protection dogs from similar–but not directly correlated–breeds. The American Kennel Club (AKC) separated the Belgian breeds into three separate… Read more »