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Not Everything in Your Dog’s Supplement is Safe

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Not Everything in Your Dog Supplements is Safe You probably think that buying dog supplements from a trusted veterinary means they are safe for your personal protection dogs. You will be shocked to learn that some of the dog’s supplement are actually not so good for your furry friend. Also, not all the ingredients used… Read more »

15 Tips For A Healthy Protection Dog Diet

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Protection Dog on a Diet

You should never take feeding your personal protection dogs lightly. Your dog’s diet determines whether or not they can protect your home. The dietary habits you set up for your dog can mean the difference between years of protection and ineffectual guarding. This blog post will give protection dog owners some of the principles that… Read more »

Can My Protection Dog Eat Seafood?

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Protection Dog Eat Seafood

Many people aren’t sure just what types of ocean life are safe for their canine companions, so if you’re wondering whether seafood is safe for your personal protection dogs, you’re not alone. Because our company offers personal protection dogs for sale, we understand the importance of having the right information to guide your dog’s feeding… Read more »

The Truth About Heartworm: The Facts, Medications and Alternative Treatments

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Rottweilers, one of the classic protection dog breeds

Dog owners are warned annually about the dangers of heartworm. If you are considering acquiring personal protection dogs, then you may be wondering what the threat of heartworm means for you. If you’re looking into personal protection dogs for sale, you want animals in good condition. These parasites should be taken seriously by dog owners,… Read more »

Three Simple Ways Apple Cider Vinegar Can Help Your Protection Dog

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Apple Cider Vinegar for Protection Dog

Congratulations! It’s great that you have found your new best friend when you obtained your personal protection dogs. However, with that new friendship come issues that the responsible dog owner must resolve. Personal protection dogs plus other breeds are living creatures that sometimes attract little parasites and health issues. Alas, there exists a common grocery… Read more »

Are Potatoes Good For Protection Dogs?

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Potatoes for Protection Dogs

“Are Potatoes Good For Dogs?” Why You Should Avoid Feeding Dogs Carbs No owner wants his dog to eat something that could harm it, especially in the case of protection dogs used to defend a home. However, the advice on what to feed dogs has reached a saturation point due to the prevalence of advice… Read more »