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CBD for Protection Dogs

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Many pet researchers are turning attention towards CBD for dogs. Just as CBD has helped humans, your protection dog can receive the same benefits. While CBD is a compound found in the marijuana plant, it does not produce psychoactive effects in humans or protection dogs. Most CBD products now come from the hemp plant. These… Read more »

Plants that are poisonous to protection dogs

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Do you know some indoor plants are poisonous to protection dogs?Many of our protection dog owners keep indoor plants. Can some of these plants be hazardous to your protection dog’s health? Yes! Many protection dog owners are unaware that some very common house plants can cause serious illness in a family protection dog. Below is… Read more »

Probiotics and Protection Dogs

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Probiotics are very vital bacteria that live in your protection dogs’ intestines. Protection dogs that have guts with low amounts of bacteria are linked to allergies, disease, and chronic inflammation. This bacteria is responsible for a large percentage of your protection dog’s immune system. A dog without healthy gut bacteria will never be able to… Read more »