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Is Your Dog Behaving Bad Because of a Health Problem?

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According to Dr. W. Jean Dodds, an expert in pet thyroid and vaccines, the most predominant reason pets are euthanized today doesn’t stem from a disease process. In most cases, it’s undesirable pet behavior to blame. If personal protection dogs have a sudden and unexplainable change in behavior or mood, such as depression, aggression, fearfulness,… Read more »

How Experts Prevent Their Protection Dog From Bloating

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You might think that feeding on raised bowls and adding water to kibbles will stop bloat in personal protection dogs. However, these things can heighten bloat risk for your dog. Since bloat is a dangerous condition, it needs urgent care. Bloat awareness can save your protection dog’s life. Bloat: Definition Bloat occurs when a dog’s… Read more »

15 Tips For Protecting Your Dog In the Winter

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Like all of our canine friends, personal protection dogs need special protection when they venture outside into winter’s chill and elements. Many owners of personal protection dogs wrongly believe because their dog’s warm fur is all they need to keep warm while outside in the winter. Like we humans, dogs who are acclimated to the… Read more »