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The Best Sources of Glucosamine For Your Protection Dog

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Whether you’re looking for personal protection dogs for sale or you already have one, it’s crucial that you keep any protection dog in optimal health. A dog that has health issues, such as stiff joints or arthritis, can’t provide the best possible protection. For your safety, you need to keep your dog’s health, particularly its… Read more »

10 Secrets you NEED to know about Heartworm for your Protection Dog

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Nobody likes the idea of their pet suffering from a preventable illness like heartworm. It can be especially detrimental to personal protection dogs and other canine athletes — one of the first symptoms many owners recognize is exercise intolerance. While most pet owners know the basic information their veterinarians tell them about heartworm prevention, there… Read more »

Not Everything in Your Dog’s Supplement is Safe

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Not Everything in Your Dog Supplements is Safe You probably think that buying dog supplements from a trusted veterinary means they are safe for your personal protection dogs. You will be shocked to learn that some of the dog’s supplement are actually not so good for your furry friend. Also, not all the ingredients used… Read more »