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15 Tips For A Healthy Protection Dog Diet

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Protection Dog on a Diet

You should never take feeding your personal protection dogs lightly. Your dog’s diet determines whether or not they can protect your home. The dietary habits you set up for your dog can mean the difference between years of protection and ineffectual guarding. This blog post will give protection dog owners some of the principles that… Read more »

Best Glucosamine Sources for Your Personal Protection Dog

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Glucosamine Sources for Protection Dog

Virtually all veterinarians recommend supplements for personal protection dogs that contain glucosamine. This is particularly true if your dog is beginning to get a bit achy or stiff with arthritis. The majority of animal doctors have products they want customers to purchase, such as Dasuquin or Cosequin supplements. If your pet is beginning to lose… Read more »

The Real Secret to Removing Ticks From Your Dog

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removing Ticks

When you find out that your dog has a tick – or worse, ticks – you know it will be quite unpleasant. Despite that, removing the ticks should be done correctly and promptly, especially with personal protection dogs. The good news is that it is not a difficult process once you know how it should… Read more »

The Secret to Natural Dog Dental Care… Probiotics!

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Secret to Natural Dog Dental Care... Probiotics

Dental care in personal protection dogs is not just meant to care for your dog’s teeth. It goes a long way in preventing other health complications in your pet. Periodontal disease is quite common in dogs. According to research, it affects about 80 percent of these pets. It is important to consider a pet’s oral… Read more »