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Protection Dog Muscle Building Exercises

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Muscle Building Exercises for dogs

Prior to modern conveniences, humans and their animals worked together to protect the family and hunt for food. As humans have become more sedentary and relaxed, so have our pets. Family protection dogs need to keep active and fit, which involves exercise and strength training for both humans and their canine companions. There are many… Read more »

History of the Caucasian Shepherd Dog Breed

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History of Caucasian Shepherd - Personal protection dog

The Caucasian Shepherd dog is an ancient breed specifically designed for personal protection dogs. They are massive, furry guardians originating in the Caucus region. Their bloodlines can be traced back to the Tibetan dog in 1121BC. Through human migration, the Tibetan dog was transferred into the Caucus region and evolved into what we now recognize… Read more »

Benefits of Oregano Oil for Your Protection Dog

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Oregano Oil for Your Protection Dog

With more and more studies touting the health benefits of oregano, it is no wonder that the common kitchen spice has made it’s way to the medicine cabinet. Due to the antibiotic capabilities of oregano oil, the oil turns out to be a safe alternative to traditional antibiotics. The oil is being embraced within veterinary… Read more »

Recreational Bones For Your Protection Dog

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Recreational Bones for protection dogs

Domestic dogs often love to be around familiar people. They trust their caretakers, frequently love to run and play, enjoy mealtimes and sleeping as their bodies require. If you’ve recently found personal protection dogs for sale and purchased one, you know these dogs are also trained to do an important job as well as being… Read more »