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History of the Belgian Shepherd Protection Dogs

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Belgian Shepherd Protection Dog

The Belgian Shepherd, also known by its formal breed name as a Groenendael, has been an established dog breed in the United States for nearly a century, though it’s often a difficult task differentiating these personal protection dogs from similar–but not directly correlated–breeds. The American Kennel Club (AKC) separated the Belgian breeds into three separate… Read more »

The Benefits of Fasting your Protection Dog

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Fasting your Protection Dog – When it comes to a dog’s well-being, particularly in regards to trained protection dogs, it’s crucial to establish and manage a strong immune system. Harmful toxins, such as wormers, vaccines, medications, and pre-made meals can all produce an obstacle for the canine’s immune system, and these types of popular items… Read more »

How Often Should you Worm your Protection Dog?

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Worm - Protection Dogs

It was once a common assumption that dogs would have worms – it was just a part of life, and there was nothing to be done to prevent or cure it. Now, we know more, and worm prevention is just a simple part of dog care. No one wants their protection dogs to have worms…. Read more »

History of the Cane Corso Protection Dog

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Cane Corso Protection Dog

One of the best personal protection dogs is Cane Corso. Also called the Italian Mastiff, this dog has a storied history as a hunter and a guard dog. When looking at personal protection dogs for sale, the Cane Corso should definitely be on your list. Here is the long and fascinating history of Cane Corso… Read more »

History of the American Bulldog Protection Dog

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Max - Protection Dog

Early Bulldog History Bulldogs first came to the Americas in the early 17th century. These early bulldogs were prized for their strength, speed, and stamina and were often matched against larger, heavier opponents (bears, buffaloes, bulls) in baiting matches. Fighting bulldogs often bore colorful nicknames like “Mack the Masher” and “Bud the Bruiser,” building up… Read more »

History of the Beauceron Protection Dog

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For every breed of protection dog well known around the world and established internationally, there are other breeds that are less known. Some breeds, such as the Bracco Italiano, are not very well known outside of their country of origin. Another example is the Beauceron. Although they are slowly gaining international recognition, the Beauceron remains… Read more »