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Origin of the Giant Schnauzer

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Giant Schnauzer with a log in a park

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), the Giant Schnauzer is a larger and more powerful version of the Standard Schnauzer. Since the Giant Schnauzers arrival in America in the 1930s, they have become popular show dogs. They are also gaining traction as loyal companions, police working dogs, and personal protection dogs. Breed Origins The… Read more »

Origins of the Malinois Protection Dog

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Malinois Protection Dog

The Belgian Malinois breed is originally from Belgium and has traditionally been used primarily to herd cattle and sheep. Along with herding, this breed is particularly adept at things like obedience, agility, Schutzhund, tracking, and guard work. September 29, 1981, was when the Belgian Shepherd Dog Club was originally formed. On November 15th of that… Read more »

How to Crate Train your Protection Dog Puppy

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Getting a protection dog for your family is a wise choice, but crate training is essential for them as it is for other puppies. However, crate training has to be done the right way for it to be most effective. Improper crate training will be unlikely to prevent your dog from having accidents or getting… Read more »

How to Housebreak your Puppy Protection Dog

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The process of housebreaking a new puppy often leaves anxious new owners trembling in their shoes, but it does not have to be this way. You have nature working on your side, so with a little work, you will be successful very quickly. Puppies Are Naturally Housebroken Puppies eat and defecate within minutes of being… Read more »

History of the Border Patrol Protection Dog

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Border Patrol Protection Dog

As trainers, we know that a protection dog must have a certain combination of traits in order to excel in their role. Certain bloodlines have been bred to have a higher concentration of desirable traits, including the right temperament, sufficient pain tolerance, physical strength and endurance, a lightweight bone structure, speed and stamina, and similar… Read more »

Sport Dogs vs. Personal Protection Dogs

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Sport dog vs personal protection dog

The terms “sport dog” and “personal protection dog” are often used interchangeably. However, there are some important differences between a dog that is bred and trained for sport and a dog that is bred and trained to provide protection. If you are currently shopping for sport dogs or personal protection dogs for sale, you will… Read more »